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Gold Star Trading Limited

What is a Trading House?

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Gold Star Trading Limited, is a Joint Venture Partnership based in Hong Kong as a traditional "Trading House" with representatives throughout all the major cities in China.  Gold Star follows the great tradition of the old trading houses by importing and export of products and providing all the specialized services to build successful and long term trading relationships.

Gold Star is a commercial intermediary that specializes in long term development of trade in goods and services supplied by other parties. Focusing on exporting, importing and third country trading as core activity and uses their overseas marketing organization and infrastructure as well as procurement networks to service both suppliers and customers.

Traditionally, Hong Kong was a part of China that was administered by the British for more than 150 years. Initially, Hong Kong was, quite literally, a barren rock, possessing few attributes beyond a small fishing village.

The British allowed local customs and practices to remain. The British also gave a trade a free rein, regulating neither imports nor exports that passed through the colony. It was this business freedom, along with a colonial administration that did not subsidize industry on a large scale, that allowed businesses to reap benefits by offering them exclusive participation in local decision-making. Using ever-increasing wealth, the colonial government also eventually provided free public housing, transportation, and education for its citizens. These factors combined to create an atmosphere that allowed one of the most free economies to evolve.

Hong Kong’s proximity to China also had everything to do with its success. China was the source of initial trade revenues for Hong Kong and, more importantly, was the source of its population.  Hong Kong’s population has grown to more than 6.7 million today.

Its location not only provided the West an entry port to China, (and vice versa) but also marked a convenient way-station for cargo ships conducting trade for the entire region.

As a result, Hong Kong not only became the busiest container port in the world but also grew into one of the largest financial and manufacturing centers in the world, capitalizing on its entry port role to become a middleman for the majority of the China trade

Gold Star continues the great tradition and history of the Hong Kong/Canton "Trading House" utilizing its symbiotic relationship with other parts China.












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