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Larry Lorenz

Thomas L. Crom III

Philip Toy

Advisory Board

Genera Pacific has established and maintains effective relationships and contacts with various governmental officials, agencies, public institutes, and private industries at all levels.

Our Team

Genera Pacific has the team to add real value to  organizations and businesses planning on investing in China and/or North America.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our Commitment - Count on Genera Pacific to become a member of your global business development team. Genera Pacific has the expertise and knowledgeable business professionals capable of assisting you with all your business needs. We provide personal services that larger agencies just can't. We offer the advantage of an efficient structure able to operate swiftly, a highly qualified Chinese language and cultural know-how and a network of highly capable affiliates present on Chinese territory.

Our Approach - Genera Pacific uses a practical, down-to-earth approach to solve real business problems and concerns. Our Team has the working experience in China and North America to answer your specific questions and concerns. We provide a step-by-step, hands on assistance to help you understand the Chinese market and find, evaluate, and choose your best business options.

Our Resources - Genera Pacific competitive advantage comes from the deep understanding of both American and Chinese cultures, languages and business processes. Our broad understanding, real world experiences and privileged relationships with government officials and business leaders enable us to recognize and capture the best business opportunities. We help you establish mutually beneficial and dynamic relationships between you and your key partners and speed up your entry into the Chinese market.

Our Team - Genera Pacific creates unequaled synergy through teaming-up with other professional service providers, and partnering with reputable local and regional firms. Our Chinese partners maintain the same level of professional excellence and understanding of the country's complex and varied marketplaces and industries.







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