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Our Mission

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Genera Pacific's success

for identifying business opportunities continues by successfully  maintaining partnerships with elite technology, manufacturing, distribution, and financial services companies that share our vision of high-performance and specialization.


Our Mission

At Genera Pacific, our mission is clear and unequivocal “… create successful business relationships......”

Doing Business in China

It's not all plain sailing. Those establishing businesses in China can expect bureaucratic nightmares and increased political pressure in a country trying to come to terms with its dramatic reforms.


Key Industries in China

The Economic Research Institute under the State Development Planning Committee (SDPC) recently completed the Economic Prosperity Analysis Report of China’s Industries (2002-2003). The report makes forecasts and analysis of China’s 10 key industries.



Genera Pacific's management has over two decades of experience working in China with our extensive relationships, ranging from the highest government officials to the local leadership, we can help navigate the bureaucratic waters, speed up the process of government approvals, gain market intelligence and insider information not currently available, and act as your virtual China management team. In addition, we have subsidiaries in China set up to service the needs of our client’s in-country.  Together we are able to multiply access to opportunities and greatly enhance our clients' expansion efforts.  


Our relationships and experience have enabled us to work successfully with many of China's top companies and state policymakers in the areas of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, financing and restructuring, human resources, and market transformation. If you depend on sound financial, legal, and market advice to make corporate decisions in the U.S./Canada, you will want the same quality of professionalism in China.

We Provide...... that matter. We provide solutions and actions that are measurable. We use innovation and hands-on experience to help you achieve rapid growth and breakthrough results in the largest market in the world. Our experts bring deep industry experience and pragmatic perspectives to every challenge.

 .......strategies that work. We dig deep to find the most relevant facts and realistic opportunities with thorough analysis. We blend insight and experience from a large universe of industries and business models so we can see beyond the limits of any single industry's traditions. We then map out a practical game plan, something you can actually execute rapidly. So you get better results and much faster.

 .......results that last. We keep working right alongside you to turn upstream advice into downstream results. We want you to succeed as much as you do. We can make money only if you make money. We follow through to help create lasting impact, so momentum keeps building. We will be along with you all the time in order to build long-lasting profits.

 ......people you can work with. We care about the growth of your company, so we build honest, informal, and productive relationships at every level of the organization.

Genera Pacific has the experience, resources and commitment to create long-term successful strategies, strategic alliances, and profitable growth in China. Our Sino American team has the critical edge that offers high level contacts with China's policymakers and industry leaders. Our team offers client companies the necessary Chinese investment savvy and international management expertise to facilitate sound investment choices in China. In short, Genera Pacific converts strategy and action into economic performance.




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