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Anem, Inc.

….leveraging European influenced Chinese window manufacturing to supply the growing $15 Billion North American marketplace

Krown Windows, Inc. manufactures and markets quality windows and doors.  Krown has secured exclusive production agreements with some of China’s finest European-influenced window and door manufacturers that have a reputation in the Asian and European markets for producing products of high quality and exceptional value.  The low cost of Asian production combined with the high quality of the European influenced manufacturing facilities and Krown’s marketing and management expertise will allow Krown to provide superior window products and prices that cannot be matched by the competition. Krown’s goal is to dominate the North American import window market

     The Products

Krown’s lines of windows are designed to exceed your expectations both in style and quality. The architectural styled windows include North American designs, along with European and Asian influenced styles.  Krown's complete line of products, include wood and wood clad, reinforced vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum are the perfect solution for homes and commercial buildings with the highest performance specifications. 

Competitive Advantage

The window industry in general recognizes the fact that overseas competition is a tremendous competitive force.  Manufacturing facilities abroad, namely China, have been constructed over the last ten years with the latest in manufacturing machinery and are designed to produce windows that meet the highest energy and performance standards in the world.


Many manufacturers already admit that they will be unable to compete if high quality, low cost products begin to be distributed in North America in any significant volume.  These same manufacturers are scrambling to create relationships abroad in anticipation of this market trend.  Krown Windows, Inc. stands to benefit greatly as long-term relationships that date back 20 years and agreements already in place, and products are already beginning to be distributed in North America.


Manufacturing and Overseas Infrastructure
Krown’s has exclusively engaged and secured relationships with strategic world-class China based European influenced manufacturing facilities located in key areas of China, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. These factories were designed by top European window manufacturing engineers and are operated by a trained, dedicated economical workforce.

Krown has formed this consortium of factories by leveraging existing and long-standing relationships enjoyed by its founders with the Chinese manufacturing community. In addition, Krown has engaged multiple manufacturing facilities to insure that its product lines have second source capability. Each factory, will under strict Krown quality and management control procedures, produce complete line of products include wood and wood clad, vinyl, fiber-glass and aluminum.

Krown will operate regional distribution and control facilities in China that will serve as regional offices, warehouse and shipping points for our products shipped to and from North America. These facilities will be large enough to store a certain amount of inventory and strategically located near major shipping ports.  Products from regional manufacturers will be organized and shipped from each facility.  This will allow Krown to aggregate many orders from many of our manufacturers in one place and ship them while minimizing the amount of containers and the associated costs.  The first regional distribution and control center is planned for the Shanghai area and then expanding to Beijing and Guangzhou as required.

The Management Team
Krown has assembled a very strong group management team with successful backgrounds in window design, manufacturing, international finance, management and marketing of construction products. Krown’s China team has many years of experience in overseas manufacturing, quality control, management and logistics for import and export of quality products
Anthem is actively seeking merger and acquisition opportunities.








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