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Guangdong Grand Resources International Investment Co., Ltd.


Guangdong Grand Resources International Investment Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture established in 1993 that Guangdong provides and arranges international investment.

The government checks and approves companies and the daily main range of managed duties includes:

  • Managing client's development, investment, mortgage business, investment funds;

  • Financing of the Company, international financing lease, mortgaging guarantees;

  • foreign agency finance, insuring the future of the company, stock exchange transaction;

  • guiding the company through the process of listing on a foreign stock exchange;

  • financial advisory service about the policies of laws and regulations of investment, finance, insurance;

  • the company's international trade and goods import and export business.

The company is engaged in international financial transactions establishing close business contacts with many financial institutions in the world, has assisted the relevant government departments of China to carry on to the foreign trade and investment promotion activity, helping the foreign investors in China to look for the ideal investment project and partner, using our professional knowledge and international financing means to assist Chinese enterprises with business financing...... for instance international financial transactions agent and overseas public listing of their company.

The company was sanctioned by Guangdong Province Economic Trade Committee, Chinese Guangdong Committee, General Office of Finance of Guangdong Province of Administration for Industry and Commerce, Administration of Foreign Exchange Control of Guangdong Province in 1993. The sponsor unit has law investment referral centre of the People's Government of Guangdong Province, International Development Co., Ltd and the wide area of financial institutions in Hong Kong.

For many years because to the strict control and controlling of the investment company, there are a lot of restriction trade regulations constantly in the country, have influenced the normal development of the investment company. But our company has still obtained better management achievement, has broken the trade way of a regulated management. We standardize the management level of the company at the same time, never avoid the management of the national our company, the management of cooperating with on one's own initiative, supporting the government actively, all these happen it is standardized necessary conditions of investment company.

Doing a standardized enterprise, we have already established the business relations with a lot of national banks and making the investment companies in the world. 

For instance:

  • U.S.A. federal international investment Co., Ltd.,

  • China's economic creditor's rights in the country of U.S.A. demand Co., Ltd., assure Co., Ltd. in U.S.A.'s global economy,

  • North America Consultant and Management Co. Ltd,

  • Citibank NA,

  • Bank of America-National Trust & Savings Association,

  • Shanghai Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, to grow the bank,

  • Credit Lyonnais,

  • German Deutsche Bank,

  • Commerzband AG,

  • Rose of Germany of Germany,

  • Bank of Nova Scotia,

  • Bank of Montreal,

  • ABNAMRO De Nederlandsche Bank, adding the American international group,

  • American Chinese professional society of Washington to unite international professional group companies of finance such as the association, etc. etc..

With joining World Trade Organization, better utilize there aren't international finance the resources fully, our company insists on Israel Bring about a prosperous economy, expand domestic demand, circulate the own duty of financial market, introduce science and technology of the financial field of the world and advanced trade experience into China, it is national enterprise and the enterprise run by the local people, rural economy of China, etc. that make effective contribution.

Management expertise and reputation together with the prosperous company's to get customer acceptance, expanding the business of the company.

Grand Resources has already set up branch offices in the important provinces of China to expand the scope of their business.   Meanwhile, keeping close relationships and communications and working relationships with the government departments areas within China.

Through the management over the past 15 years, Grand Resources has formed a huge customer base.

In 2007, together with select China companies, we opened up the import and export business of the goods in a more cost-effective manner, and already has many products for imports and exports under contract from many enterprises, the import and export business of the goods is increasing constantly .

In 2008, together with select successful China companies and close cooperation with the Genera Pacific Corporation, our goal is organizing Chinese companies to be listed on foreign stock exchanges. 

Developing the Chinese companies from a supported environment towards a world class business while offering omni-directional financial services. This business direction takes advantage good financial market situations and coinciding with China's fantastic growth conditions.   Also catering to the integrated international development trend of the world which has already supported China's some economic development regional government.  Grand Resources will work closely with the various financial institutions and the China companies to ensure a successful overseas financing and listing on the stock exchanges.

Cooperating together with Chinese companies and our cooperation with Genera Pacific offers us access to foreign financing, financial services and banking interests that are targeting investment and are ambitious to expand into the Chinese market.   The Chinese companies will benefit with the move towards the ideal international partner in the capital marketplace.

Working together the Genera Pacific that helps provide the international capital to incorporate China;
Working together with the Chinese companies to expand internationally toward the world;
Together with Genera Pacific we will march towards tomorrow together brilliantly as cooperative partners !


廣東匯昌國際投資有限公司是一間於一九九三年成立的中外合資企業。政府核准並且日常經營的主要範圍包括:① 项目開發、项目投資、典當業務、投資基金管理;② 公司融資、國際融資租賃、抵押與擔保業務;③ 代理金融、保險、期貨、證券業務;④ 公司股份改造與上市金融服務;⑤ 有關投資、金融、保險的法律、法規政策的諮詢服務;⑥ 國際貿易與商品進出口業務。





在2008年,匯昌公司和加拿大泛太平洋公司( Canada Genera  Pacific  Corporation )緊密合作,致力於組織中國企業到海外上市,為支援中國企業的再發展和走向世界提供專業的組織和全方位金融服務。這項業務適時順勢,既符合中國國情又迎合世界一體化的國際發展趨勢,已獲得中國部份經濟發展地區政府的支援,同时也獲得部份具備海外上市條件的企業關注和上市金融服務的代理授權。























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