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Dragon Diamond Corporation

Dragon Diamond Corporation is a vertically integrated diamond company that is continually seeking to joint venture diamond concessions for the production of diamond rough and is involved in the area of processing and marketing the finished diamonds. Dragon has brought together executives with mining expertise and expertise in the finishing and marketing of diamonds. Management believes Dragon can upgrade the value of production above that of that of the ordinary diamond mining company. 

Dragon has ongoing discussions with a number of producers and holders of diamond properties with plans of acquiring additional diamond properties and production.  Dragon has experience throughout China, Myanmar, Viet Nam, Indonesia, South America, Europe and a number of countries in Africa.

Dragon acts as a diamond industry consultant for developing and operational companies whose interests are in the emerging nations.

Dragon Diamond's retail division is unique in the diamond business, focusing on creating excitement and providing quality diamond and exotic jewellery products online who's business model takes the 'Best of Both Worlds' approach - all the advantages, benefits, and future of the new 'internet business model' with the advantages, benefits, and proven success of the existing 'Bricks and Mortar' business-to create a new 'Clicks and Bricks' business model.











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