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Our Mission

Business Development Process

International Trading House

Letter From The President

Genera Pacific's

success for identifying

business opportunities continues by successfully 

maintaining partnerships

with elite technology, manufacturing, distribution, and financial services companies that share our vision of high-performance and specialization.


Under the umbrella of Genera Pacific's the three divisions
specialize individually in Business Development, Investment Banking and Commercial Trading between Western and Chinese business interests:-

Genera Pacific Corporation (泛太平洋有限公司) - Business Development

Genera Capital Corporation   (専利金融有限公司) - Global Financing

Genera Commerce, Inc. - Trading House

Recently, we signed a Joint Cooperation Agreement with Guangdong Grand Resources International Investment Co., Ltd. to form the Genera Pacific Grand Resources Partnership.  This partnership will organize selected successful Chinese companies to be listed on the appropriate foreign stock exchanges.  Bringing much needed expansion capital to Chinese companies that are having a hard time keeping up with the demands of the foreign consumer markets.  Also, opening up the Chinese companies to expanding their businesses internationally facilitating foreign acquisitions and partnerships.

Genera Pacific provides a comprehensive range of business and investment services through our offices in China, Canada, Europe and the US supplying the full range of professional, advisory and business development services to support your entry or expansion plans into the marketplace. Whether you are seeking to sell your products, technologies or equipment, invest in building a manufacturing facility, or acquire a company, Genera Pacific can provide the business, market, and operational guidance you will need.

Genera Pacific has established and maintains effective relationships and contacts with various governmental officials, agencies, public institutes, and private industries at all levels.

Genera Pacific can assist your company in any of the following ways:

  • Joint Ventures
  • Merger & Acquisition Activities
  • International Trade
  • Acquisition of the Business
  • Cash, Equity Securities (stock)
  • Financial Resources & Raising Additional Funds
  • Private Placements, IPO's, PIPE's, Secondary IPO's
  • Equity Investment
  • Major Role (55%-75%); Minor Role (5%-35%)
  • Distribution & Marketing Relationships
  • Business Planning & Strategic Guidance
  • Board Level Involvement
  • Access to Advisory Panel Members
  • Corporate Management Team
  • Business Model Development
  • Marketing/Positioning Strategies
  • Technology Assistance, R & D

  • Operations Support

Genera Pacific's excellent support mechanism for small, mid-size and large-size companies is a resource for arranging marketing, distribution, forming joint ventures, and establishing a business base.



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